Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Buying A Home After Retirement? Keep These Things In Mind

Seeing all the parts of a home buy is basic in the event that you mean to get one after your retirement. A pay can't month to month wellspring of salary, nor are you genuinely that dynamic to have the option to travel long separations for each easily overlooked detail. While the elements to consider while purchasing a retirement home stay unaltered from purchasing a home in the forties and fifties-area, availability, spending plan, costs, and so on., the way to deal with breaking down these is the thing that requires change. At the point when you intend to purchase a home after retirement, your prime concentrate should be your maturing body and its diminishing capacity to perform. In any case, in the event that you have intending to purchase a property in India post your retirement, here are some significant things to remember.

People in Bengaluru can plan to purchase upcoming properties such as Prestige Smart City in Sarjapur Road, Prestige Waterford in Whitefield and Prestige Primrose Hills in Kanakapura road.

Guarantee You Are In A Well-Facilitated Locality

The main interesting point when purchasing a home after retirement is where you are intending to get it. Numerous individuals will in general quest for a retirement home in the forested areas, sea shores, or wherever that is tranquil and away from the city. While purchasing a retirement home in the wide open is a smart thought, getting it some place that is excessively far from all the fundamental offices like emergency clinics, transport quits, shopping buildings, and so forth., could mean more costs. In addition to the fact that it would be boisterous for you to travel long separations each time you even need to purchase basic food item, yet it would likewise cost you substantial bucks.

Speedy Tip

Purchasing a home in the field is an extraordinary strategy to show signs of improvement home at a lower cost yet one thing to be remembered is to purchase a home in a gated society that offers all courtesies inside.

Pick A Home That Supports Your Aging Body

A retirement home ought not simply be bought with the vision of a country estate. One ought to likewise comprehend that after retirement, the body is failing to get any more youthful. Thus, purchasing a home that is prepared for your maturing body ought to be a need. Many resigning people will in general purchase a level on first or second floor or a home with various floors. In any case, this would cost additional cash as well as be an agony in the later years. Also, there are numerous homes that have been explicitly worked to home old individuals. Discover one that has an entryway for wheelchair get to, inclines nearby stairs, stroll in shower, slip-anticipation floor, snatch bars, and so forth.

Fast Tip

Finding a house that is senior-accommodating would not simply cost you less bucks as it is commonly off the market for youngsters, it would likewise set aside you the cash thereafter required for rolling out these needful improvements.

Breaking point The Space For The Two Of You

Rather than rampage spending as long as you can remember's investment funds into purchasing a palatial retirement home, it is constantly prudent to purchase a home that is appropriate for the quantity of individuals that would remain. To cut the general expense of the house and purchase at a lower value, scaling back the house is better choice. Whenever stuck between two houses, go for a littler house. In addition to the fact that it would cost less, it would likewise spare your bucks later on house upkeep. Bigger space would mean more endeavors into support and after a specific point, servants and house-aides would be required for upkeep who might charge exceptionally for a greater spot.

Snappy Tip

Purchasing a house after retirement ought not come as a major opening in your reserve funds. Rather, it ought to give comfort to the remainder of the years. Along these lines, ensure you go for a house that has restricted space for you and your accomplice.

Compute The Home's Monthly Expenses

Not every person would have the singular amount to offer a total initial installment of the house thus bring home credits to get the job done. While making up front installments is simple in your initial retirement days, paying the month to month EMI on your credit further down the road could be an issue. In this way, to ensure you don't need to stress over accounts in your days of yore, ascertain the month to month costs heretofore and guarantee that your post-retirement pay would have the option to cover it. In addition, the assessments on the retirement home ought to likewise be mulled over.

Fast Tip

Senior residents have various advantages by the Indian government that they can profit the premium refunds and different advantages to set aside cash and even add to their post-retirement salary.

While purchasing property in India is something the vast majority do in their forties to mid sixties, getting it post your retirement is likewise not an extremely awful arrangement. Notwithstanding, one ought to be cautious about the accounts and the pay. You are maturing with time and there should be some cash kept aside consistently for health related crises. Thus, dealing with the expense of the house is basic on the off chance that you are wanting to put resources into a home post your retirement.

Friday, 27 March 2020

COVID-19 impact: Apartment owners ban outsider's entry

Numerous social orders have additionally arranged a database of individuals originating from abroad and that equivalent is being utilized to follow their wellbeing status.

Some skyscraper social orders in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai and others, where inhabitants affiliations have not been framed, individuals have shaped little groups to guarantee smooth stock of staple, clinical and different necessities.

After the control of pandemic, Prestige constructions is all set to launch some of their proposed projects. Prestige Green Gables Kadubeesanahalli is an upcoming residential apartments in Panathur, Kadubeesanahalli, where one can make investments after the launch.

More to add..

We are purifying the basic regions, lifts each day. Society entryways are shut now and section of house keepers and other residential staff is limited since twentieth March. We have made the courses of action for warm examining at the primary entryway and in the wake of checking individuals are permitted to go inside the general public. Who so ever is going to the general public is washing their hands at the section entryway and utilizing sanitizer at fundamental door and afterward just they are permitted to go.

Numerous social orders have additionally arranged a database of individuals originating from abroad and that equivalent is being utilized to follow their well being status. Individual inhabitants have broadened assistance for those in needs like in an unexpected way able and senior residents or the individuals who are debilitated.

We are making a database of every inhabitant who is originating from abroad or expected to originate from abroad and answering to clinical specialists. Inhabitants are approaching to help different occupants who are either wiped out or senior residents.

In certain social orders where AOA isn't shaped, inhabitants have made groups to screen passage and exit. They're additionally following individuals with the COVID-19 side effects to guarantee others don't interact with them.

Under the persistent tension and rules of the group, support figured out how to get covers for security gatekeeper and warm screening gadget. The group is constantly observing society. Section of house keepers and laborers is totally prohibited and the individuals who are going out and coming in are permitted just in the event that they are wearing covers, getting their hands purified and passing warm screening. Inhabitants are remaining in their homes and just go out for fundamental things.


Administrations, for example, pool, exercise center and clubhouses have been closed down with the goal that individuals to individuals contact can be diminished. Aside from this, occupants are themselves cleaning the lift and anteroom zones. The section of sellers and conveyance young men are prohibited in our general public. Milkmen and basic food item merchants are permitted distinctly outside the general public entryway.

We have halted all exercises in the rec center, clubhouse from March 16 onward. Sellers and house cleaners are not being permitted. Basic food item and different fundamentals are permitted uniquely at the general public entryway. Youthful occupants are helping senior residents and those needing fundamental administrations. The lifts, entryways and hall territory are being sterilized 3-4 times in a day.

Consistently very nearly many individuals enter these skyscraper social orders for providing fundamentals to occupants. Be that as it may, the COVID19 flare-up has prompted an all out boycott of outcasts in the high rises. This has influenced the inhabitants as well as those working in them too.

We have halted the pool and no birthday celebrations or any festival is permitted now. We have given sanitize-rs at the entryway. No conveyance young men permitted inside the structure. This has been accomplished for the following 15 days.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Digitisation to shape Indian realty’s future in the new decade

The year 2020 is quick drawing closer and numerous new patterns are probably going to unfurl, toward the beginning of this new decade. Today, we notice that just about 66% of urban dynamic is search-based, for the most part done from cell phones. It is no big surprise that pretty much every business, is taking a gander at tapping openings in the advanced space. From web based shopping, banking and research, to embracing new-age conveyance frameworks, there is a pattern towards digitisation of all our fundamental needs. As per a recent report by explore firm Technavio, the worldwide virtual occasions advertise is relied upon to be esteemed at USD 86.37 billion by 2021. The report had expressed that the worldwide virtual occasions market will develop at a CAGR of practically 22%, during 2017-2021. Prestige Primrose Hills is an upcoming residential apartments in Kanakapura road where one can book a unit online portal of prestige construction website.

Prestige Primrose Hills
Prestige Primrose Hills

Innovation in land

The land part is no more odd to this computerized change and organizations are progressively taking a gander at new-age innovations. The Internet of Things (IoT), robotization, distributed computing, man-made consciousness (AI), huge information, expanded reality (AR), computer generated reality (VR) and automatons, are progressively discovering application across land business stages.

The utilization of innovation permits engineers to interface with a more extensive crowd, in various land areas. For example, online expos or occasions offer home purchasers the chance to get to and choose a scope of homes that meet their prerequisites. This gets conceivable from the solace of their homes, anyplace on the planet. Further, it enables home purchasers to maintain a strategic distance from the issue of driving and spares significant time. Numerous land purchasers are likewise presented to such innovations in created property markets. This is particularly valid for NRI and HNI home purchasers. Additionally, chatbots are getting normal. It permits engineers to give 24×7 help to the planned home purchasers.

Effect of digitisation on designers and property purchasers

Further, as a major aspect of the administrative changes, the legislature has ordered, through the usage of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 (RERA) and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that few procedures related with property support, consistence and charges, are finished utilizing the advanced course. This unavoidable move has hailed one more change for the engineer network. As an antecedent to the future patterns, where purchasing a home online will be a few ticks away, engineers are working on the ball. In this way, when the wave hits, they will be completely prepared to handle the rising pattern. Advanced media also is picking up significance for business exchanges, just as for correspondence stages. For instance, an online expo turns out to be convenient, significant and a significant vehicle of narrating, picking up client criticism, sharing ability and helping possibilities with educated decisions – all abounded in one with huge reach and speed.

Making a situation that is straightforward goes far in building the certainty of the imminent clients. The sectoral challenges make it much progressively essential to take a gander at imaginative approaches to modify that certainty. Taking the advanced course is one such method for fulfilling clients, before they take one of the most significant choices of their lives. Most importantly, this will help the land engineers, shoppers and the whole biological system.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Prestige Elysian- Invest in Bannerghatta main road for astonishing rental returns and phenomenal land appreciation

Investing in the property market has its own rewards. For a secured living experience, residents should consider investing for a greater cause that would help them provide the best future for their loved ones. Bangalore, renowned as the IT capital of the nation has seamless provided high profiled employment prospects in the IT sector and favorable climate throughout the year. This have paved the way for rise in social and IT infrastructure development. India, with a majority of its population less than 35 years of age, has encouraged property developers to launch new residential spaces to encourage potential investment opportunities. For instance, Prestige developers, which has a wide-spread of residential and commercial project around Bangalore is coming up with a fascinating residential project called Prestige Elysian. The project is precisely located at Bannerghatta main road and offers 2, 3 BHK residential units. Spread over wide-open spaces, residents can make the most of what is provided within the premises for an eco-friendly living experience. The buildings, being high-rise in nature offers splendid views from pristine vantage points. 

Prestige Elysian Bannerghatta
Prestige Elysian

Bannerghatta, road, over the past few years has witnessed incredible levels of infrastructures development. With the upcoming metro station at Bannerghatta main road, residents are certain to go about with their everyday commute with relative ease. With institutions like IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and hospitals like Apollo in close proximity, investors can expect high returns in the long run. Another aspect which is quite fascinating about the project is the approach employed. That is, investors are welcomed at the site to experience the amenities, floor plans, structure foundation or take a tour of the property. This establishes new business relationships for future business referrals. It would even promote transparency and trust as they are the core for effective property investments. Rest assured, working with Prestige Elysian and investing in and around Bannerghatta main road is certain to provide formidable returns.

In-House amenities- What does Prestige Elysian offer?

There are many features of a residential project that needs to be considered. Residents should employ a collective approach in order to arrive at profitable investment decisions. Residents who plan on residing at far-out locations expect flawless amenities that would cater to individual interests and provide a secure environment. The absence of such features can adversely affect the credibility of the project and the made investment. Prestige Elysian offers a set of features that cater to safety, convenience and comfort at the same time. These amenities comprise of landscaped gardens, recreational play parks for children, equipped gymnasium, jogging tracks, clubhouse for indoor games, 100% electric/power backup and 24/7 round the clock security services along with CCTV coverage. Considering the benefits of experiencing the amenities beforehand, residents would have the leverage of efficient comparison among alternatives.

Floor plans for a comfortable lifestyle

Like the amenities at the project, residents should emphasize on making optimum use of the space available. Requirements may differ as there are different priorities. Also, residents should try framing a pre-determined floor plans so they could compare the designs that are available at the site. The presence of architects and engineers at the site is an added advantage as they can provide expert consultation for constructive investment decisions. Prestige Elysian apartments at Bannerghatta main road are curated by the very best in the game in order to serve and cater to diverse residential expectations. Residents would have a choice between 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments that are scatter across wide-open areas. The leverage of monitoring the development of the project at various levels gives the benefit of analysing surrounding infrastructure development for high rental margins.
In conclusion, property investments in Bangalore are at an all-time high. Moreover, considering what Bannerghatta main road has to offer in terms of connectivity and land appreciation, investing with Prestige Elysian is nothing short of a jackpot!

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Property Investments at Bannerghatta- Connectivity Enhanced, Convenience Guaranteed

Investing in the Bangalore property market has tremendous potential for affordable and convenient property investment options. In order to save up for a secured future, investing in the real estate market is crucial. Compared to other forms of investments like gold or mutual funds, there is financial security in residential and commercial properties and an asset that you can count on in the near future. Bannerghatta main road, for the last few years has witnessing promising levels of social and IT infrastructure development. Developers are capitalizing on key location around Bannerghatta for potential returns and cater to rising demands for affordable housing. For instance, Prestige Elysian by Prestige properties is a residential project located to precision at Bannerghatta main road in Bangalore. Close to prominent landmarks like IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and medical institutions like Fortis and Apollo, residents can expect appreciating returns for a prosperous future. 

Prestige Elysian
Prestige Elysian

Residents are offered diverse benefits as there are numerous commercial and retain spaces that enhance investment possibilities. The project offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK residential apartments that are scattered over wide-open spaces for optimum resource and space utilization. With high-rise buildings that are nothing short of architecture marvels, customers can catch stunning views of landscaped greenery scattered around the project for an eco-friendly experience. The upcoming metro station at Bannerghatta main road is certain to help residents go about with their everyday commute with utmost ease and comfort. Also, the project has employed a customer-centric approach for transparency and trust. Residents are welcomed to the site so they experience the project features, inspect constructed foundations or take an entire tour of the property. This establishes profitable business relationships for future business prospects. Architects and engineers present at the site offer expert guidance in framing pre-determined strategies for effective comparison. Infrastructure-wise, there are prestigious schools and colleges not very far from the project that provide impeccable education and healthcare services for a viable future. Rest assured, investing with Prestige Elysian Bannerghatta road is sure to help investors provide a safe and secured living environment.

Bannerghatta main road- Current trends to enhance land appreciation

Location is crucial for any residential project on so many levels. Along with better connectivity to the rest of the city, potential investors can double up on an alternate source of income, provided the surrounding development is consistent. Why do residents opt for emerging locations as opposed to established localities? These are questions that should be answered after in-depth analysis of the property market. Located to precision at Bannerghatta main road, Prestige Elysian offers high land appreciation rates and owes it all to neighborhood infrastructure development. There are multiple residential projects that are popular in demand and entertainment centers that increases the value of land. With commercial and retail spaces available, residents can choose investing in multiple properties for a diverse investment portfolio. Bannerghatta main road offers easy accessibility to prominent locations like Electronic City that is a potential hub. Engulfed by prime IT corporations, aspiring IT professionals can think about investing early to stay close to their workplace or rent out the property to prospective tenants. Bangalore property market has always been steady and consistent. This enables residents from lower-income levels to think about investing and inch closer to their dream home.

Amenities contributing to a fruitful future

Another aspect that residents should concentrate on would be the amenities at the project. Be it any residential project, after a tiring day at work, residents need amenities within the premises for a convenient living experience. Absence of such features can adversely affect the credibility of the project. Prestige Elysian offers amenities like equipped gymnasium, landscaped gardens, recreational play parks for children, 100% electric/power backup, 24/7 round the clock security services, designated car parking slots, jogging tracks, fabulous clubhouse to conduct indoor games and other eco-friendly features.

In conclusion, considering the amenities, floor plans and the leverage of experiencing them beforehand, investing with Prestige Elysian is by far your most ideal choice for fulfilling purchase decisions.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Prestige Elysian- Bannerghatta to showcase premier residential spaces- Invest Now!

Investing in the real estate market has its own benefit. In order to secure our interests for the future, it becomes important to invest our hard-earned money in the property market. Residents are now capitalizing on opportunities to invest and are transitioning to first-time property aspirants. Prestige Elysian by Prestige group of developers is a fabulous residential project which is located at Bannerghatta road in Bangalore. The project offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK residential units that are spread over wide-open areas so residents can make the most of the space and resources provided. The project has employed a customer-driven approach by welcoming residents to experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before making the crucial purchase decision. There are some of the prestigious educational and medical institutions that would enable residents to provide the very best for their loved ones in regards to education and healthcare.

Future of property investment at Bannerghatta

With the upcoming metro station at Bannerghatta, customers can be rest assured to go about with their everyday commute with relative ease and comfort. The prestigious Indian Institute of Management is right around the corner which helps the land appreciation so people can consider investing early for maximum returns. Bangalore, renowned as the Silicon Valley of India has attracted numerous IT giants to set base across emerging localities around the city. Bannerghatta is close to prominent IT tech parks that house close to 10-20% of Bangalore’s IT crowd. This has helped IT professionals to consider investing early to make the most of the alternate source of income, if they plan on renting out the property. There are architects and engineers present at the site at all times who have worked tirelessly to provide impeccable realty services without compromising on resident safety and well-being. Rest assured, partnering with Prestige Elysian is sure to reap great benefits for a profitable future.

Prestige Elysian
Prestige Elysian Bannerghatta Road

Social infrastructure development- Bannerghatta on the rise

The inclusion of RERA and tax reforms such as GST has resulted in increase in the demand for affordable housing structures. With complete transparency maintained, residents have the upper hand because failure in project delivery can prove costly for realtors. Property developers are now forced to come up with new marketing strategies to keep up with the demand and release their excess inventory. This has helped social infrastructure development to progress resulting in facilities for easier commute to other parts of the city. It is suggested that residents opt for investing in emerging localities as opposed to established locations. Initial prices at emerging areas are nominal when compared to staggering prices at established locations. Bannerghatta, which is home to fabulous residential and commercial architectures provides opportunities for residents to consider investing at an earlier stage to make the most of the returns on investment. The Bannerghatta National Park, which is close to the project promotes eco-friendliness and tourism in the locality.

Amenities that spread a joyous lifestyle

Investing in the property market comprises of several other factors. Residents should gain an in-depth knowledge before they arrive at the site so they don’t get tricked out. Be it any residential project, the absence or the presence of amenities would determine the credibility of the project. Prestige Elysian Bannerghatta amenities comprise of 24/7 security services, an equipped gymnasium, swimming pool for all age groups, landscaped gardens, clubhouse and recreational play parks for children to name a few. Residents are more than welcomed at the site if they wish to experience the project specifications/features before making the final call.

To conclude, residents who are willing to work or partner with Prestige Elysian are certain to reap formidable returns on investment considering favorable aspects to assist transitioning to a secured lifestyle.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Prestige Elysian- Bannerghatta to Host wide range of Investment Possibilities

Bangalore, over the years has transformed into a property investment hot-spot. The city enjoys great weather throughout the year and provides high-paying job prospects in the IT sector. Residents are now gradually transitioning from living as tenants to first-time property owners. Prestige Elysian by Prestige properties is a residential project located to perfection Bannerghatta road in Bangalore. The project offers 3 and 4 BHK apartments that are scattered over wide-open spaces so residents can make the most of the resources available at the project. Bannerghatta, which houses numerous residential projects by prospective property developers contributes to the increase in land prices. There are renowned schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity so residents can provide the best for their loved ones in regards to education and healthcare. 

With the introduction of real estate governing bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the demand for affordable housing around Bannerghatta has increased significantly. Property developers are now forced to deliver projects on time without any delay as they would be liable to pay hefty penalties. With a customer-centric approach, residents are welcomed to the site to experience the amenities, project features, floor plans or even take an entire tour of the property before making the final purchase decision. Considered as the IT hub of the nation, Bangalore has welcomed IT and tech giants to set base across emerging locations around the city. Bannerghatta is close to JP Nagar and Jayanagar that house IT tech parks which employs about 20% of Bangalore’s IT crowd. This is a great opportunity for IT professionals to make the most of the property market for rental benefits. There are architects and engineers present at the site at all times so residents can get all the help they need to arrive at concrete and crystal-clear investment decisions. Rest assured, residents who decide to partner with Prestige Elysian are certain to glide through their lives with effortless ease and comfort.

How does amenities affect the credibility? Are they required?

There are various factors that have to be considered before we consider investing in the property market. Neglecting any project feature that may not seem important at the time can adversely affect your purchase decisions. For instance, residents are inclined towards residing in locations that aren’t close to the city in order to lead a calm and secluded living experience. In such cases, if the amenities aren’t available at the project, the credibility of the project is adversely affected. Prestige Elysian has devised some of the finest amenities that are sure to cater customers from different backgrounds and income levels. These amenities comprise of flawless landscaped gardens, recreational play parks for children, equipped gymnasiums, 24/7 security services, 100% electric and power backup, swimming pool for all age groups and an RCC framed structure for all the walls that promote a sustainable and durable living experience within the premises.
Prestige Elysian
Prestige Elysian

Floor plans- How are they important for a comfortable living experience?

Like the location and the amenities at a project, the floor plan designs at the site determines the space that is required by prospective investors based on their family’s expectation. Customers are often suggested that they come with a pre-determined floor plans so they don’t run out of options when they arrive at the site. Getting tricked into options that they wouldn’t want to purchase can be risky in the future. Prestige Elysian floor plans comprise of  3 and 4 BHK apartments that are spread out over wide-open spaces. Being in line with industry standards and customer expectations, Prestige Elysian floor plans have a competitive edge in the market which is beneficial.

To conclude, we can safely bet on the fact that partnering with Prestige Elysian can reap formidable returns on investment that would eventually result in a happy future!