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Monday, 11 December 2017

Prestige Jindal City Apartments | Tumkur Road | Bangalore

Prestige Jindal City Apartments | Pre Launch Project by Prestige Group

Prestige Jindal City Apartments | Tumkur Road- Bangalore

Prestige Jindal City - A moving toward extravagant hotel wander from Prestige engineers. Prestige Jindal City Located in Bengaluru which is the best township of Bangalore because of its closeness to Peenya and the National Highway. Prestige Jindal City takes after a betray garden of peace in the center of the city. It is planned to make every townhouse a shelter of insurance. A clubhouse that is all around equipped with rich extravagances rounds things off to faultlessness. With this headway Prestige Jindal City has the proper measure of room you require, all the indulgence your lifestyle demands, while up 'til now arranging you near the downtown territory. This endeavor will be a best check lodging headway from the Prestige planners and are to a great degree on edge to make Prestige Jindal City a land stamp change in Bangalore.

Prestige Jindal City is the pet endeavor of the Prestige Group. This new pre dispatch wander springs from the new sources, considerations and inspiration of the pioneers of the Prestige Group. The Prestige Group has endeavored an all the more sharp approach to manage gather the best in class lodging space. The ultra-exhibit day condominiums of Prestige Jindal City are set up to put a colossal emphasis on the individual's adaptability. The Prestige Group has come to reputation as a standard property build for showing lodging pads in the amazing zone of Bangalore, the Garden city of India.

Prestige Jindal City Apartments Located in Tumkur Road Bangalore is one of the deliberately engineered endeavor that is upgraded with all the animating highlights of ultra cutting edge time, drawing in you to recognize the eliteness and furthermore character at each end. In the future, Prestige Jindal City offers you to lead life all the more promisingly in the most satisfying way watching the most general level work environments enabling you to feel balanced from the cheery living.

The headway of Prestige Jindal City is all things considered spread past wide portions of place where there is an area having most energizing greeneries that is totally spread all through till your eyes can reach. Prestige Jindal City range is considered as a prime domain of Tumkur Road, Bangalore and recognizes unfathomable joining to all purposes behind interest organized in and around the city. Standing is orchestrated in a zone which is to an incredible degree beneficial for the IT pros. Prestige Jindal City is one of the extreme new private ventures by Prestige Group at Tumkur Road, Bangalore. Prestige Jindal City floor cost is impeccably spread over significant segments of place that is known for rich green land and offers units of especially ventilated 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK private houses. The estimations of the cushions are running in various square.

Prestige Jindal City Bangalore discovered ideally in Tumkur Road, which is the quickly creating neighborhood in North West Bangalore.

Prestige Jindal City is built with the best quality materials which are extremely critical as a profession. A portion of the pleasantries that are accessible in this venture are Swimming Pool, giving best Processing inside your chance length, Tennis and Basketball Courts, Chip and Putt Golf Course, Swimming Pool and dash Pool, Golf Course Club, Children's Play range, Sit-out for Senior Citizens, Party Lawn with classy Lights, Spa and Wellness Club.

Prestige Jindal City Price

Prestige Jindal City Pricing details will be available on request.

Unit Type
Size In Sq.Ft
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Total Basic Price

Location Map 

You can have a look at the video of this project below 👇

Prestige Jindal City-About Builder

Prestige Groups Projects Ltd. is a land and the lead organization of Prestige Group in the South India. Prestige Group established by Razack Sattar in 1986 imagined an accomplishment story holding up to come to fruition in the Retail Business. Since its setup in the year 1986, Prestige Estates Projects has undeniable rapidly to end up noticeably one of South India's principal Property Developers, helping shape the horizon over the Residential, Leisure, Retail, Commercial, and Hospitality areas. The Prestige Group has many national and worldwide honors in 11 different classifications. Prestige Group has built up various lodging states and business spaces in Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai, Mangalore, Kochi and Hyderabad; few among them are The Forum, Prestige Golfshire, Prestige Shantiniketan, Prestige Acropolis, The Forum Value, The Forum Vijaya and so forth.

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

RERA and its Impact in Real Estate Market

RERA. How will RERA benefit you?

Prestige Jindal City Apartment Tumkur Road Bangalore

RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act) is the new life-saver in town for all buyer who were previously tensed about builders betraying them. Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) is going to shield buyers from delays, fraudulent claims and false advertisements. Homebuyers may finally be able to forget about inordinate project delays and filthy construction quality.

RERA and its benefits you receive as a home-buyers

Builders can't charge for area outside the walls i.e they can’t charge you on super-buildup-area (SBA)
The buyer will pay only for the carpet area and that it. The builder can't charge for the super built-up area, which is a common practice currently. For instance, where you get 900-1,000 sq. ft. carpet area if you book a 1,300 sq. ft. house (the rest is balconies and common spaces), you pay for the whole 1300 Sqft. in present day scenario.  The new law is expected to stop this practice for good.
Builders responsible for any defect in the house
The builder will have to provide a solution for any structural defect in the building for a total of five years. Basically, RERA also states that any structural defects brought to the notice of a promoter within a period of five years from the date of handing over possession must be rectified by the promoter.
Builders can't use your money to make someone else's house, yes you heard that right. They did siphon off your money for some other project.
The developer will have to transfer 70% money received from home buyers to an escrow account. The builder has to use this amount as per the stages of construction.
Quick redressal of grievances
In accordance to RERA, regulatory bodies and appellate tribunals have to be set up in each and every  state to solve builder-buyer disputes. This has to be done within 120 days.
Consent of 2/3rd allottees about any other addition or alteration.
For any changes to be made by the developer, the developer should have 2/3rd allottees consent. If they fail to get the support, then the design related or any such things can’t be employed by the builder in the particular project.
Now you may think what advantages do buyers have for projects which are already under construction. Firstly, every real estate project (where the total area to be developed exceeds 500 Sq Metres or more than 8 apartments is proposed to be developed in any phase), must be registered with its respective state’s RERA governing council. The existing projects where the occupancy certificate (OC) has not been issued, those are required to comply with the registration requirements under the RERA Act.
Secondly, after the implementation of the Act, home buyers will be able to monitor the progress of the project on the RERA website. This will be possible since promoters will be required to make periodic submissions to the regulator regarding the progress of the project.
A brand-new project is coming up on the Tumkur Road, which will be RERA registered and under all the rules and regulation. Prestige Jindal City Apartments Bangalore is the latest brainchild of Prestige Group, offering 3000+ units in 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK variants. Get in touch to get a detailed info about the project. It will surely amaze you, best-in-class project in North West Bangalore.    

Thursday, 6 July 2017

RERA - Need To Know

Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA)

These are the issues normally land purchasers confront…

  • The arrangements are not straightforward. Purchasers are regularly charged according to the super-developed territory.
  • Property purchasers can't do much if there's an insufficiency in the development or in the courtesies gave.
  • Ventures are regularly deferred. Purchasers are not remunerated when manufacturers neglect to keep due dates, but rather if their installments are postponed, they are generally charged punishments.
  • Assets are in some cases redirected and extends are for all time ended. In such cases, recuperating cash from the developer turns into a huge assignment for the individual home purchasers. 

The Rajya Sabha made room for Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA Act) in March 2016. The Government is presently wanting to execute it from May 01, 2017, in the wake of finishing all customs related with the usage of the law.

What will change for the engineers and the land purchasers? 

  • The engineers are relied upon to keep up least 70% of the cash gathered from potential purchasers in an escrow account opened with a bank, to be used only to meet the cost of that venture.
  • Each venture with the proposition of creating 8 pads or securing 500 square meters of the plot should be enrolled with the controller. On the off chance that the venture is to be finished in stages, each stage should be enlisted independently. In the event that the engineer neglects to do as such, he should pay a punishment of upto 10% of the venture cost, and on the off chance that he/she turns into a constant guilty party, he/she can be imprisoned for a long time.
  • Engineers should offer pads on the premise of cover zone. Offering lofts at developed and super-developed rates is precluded under RERA.
  • The developer would be considered in charge of basic deformities in the initial 5 years.
  • On the off chance that the venture is deferred, the designer should pay the enthusiasm to the client.
  • The engineer require authorization from at least 2/third of allottees to roll out improvements to the first arrangement.
  • Benefiting protection for the land titles would end up noticeably conceivable.
  • Redrafting Tribunals and Regulatory Authorities should discard protestations inside a stipulated day and age.
  • Indeed, even property agents will likewise need to enroll themselves under RERA. Moreover, they can prompt their customers just about enrolled ventures. They might work just inside the predefined domain or state. In the event that they are discovered disregarding any of these arrangements, they can be punished. As it were, representatives can't fight disregard their duty and responsibility towards their customers.
  • Purchasers should guarantee that they claim property inside 2 months of venture getting the Occupancy Certificate (OC) 

In spite of the fact that RERA is a far reaching law, usage is the key. It neglects to settle the responsibility of the Government divisions required in endorsing the activities. There is no arrangement of single-window freedom framework for getting endorsements. This may make burden honest to goodness engineers.

On the off chance that RERA is executed adequately, land purchasers can plan to end up noticeably the King of their stronghold sometime soon. Be that as it may, as reasonable clients you should be mindful while managing the land designers. Along these lines, your property inquiry may begin with distinguishing…

  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • What has been his reputation?
  • Has he finished the development of his activities according to plan?
  • Visit the site and examine the nature of development
  • The rate which he is putting forth for the comforts advertised
  • You may likewise visit different destinations created by a similar developer just to check whether he has satisfied all guarantees made and offered comforts as guarantee
  • Title of the property on which the development is occurring or has occurred (to guarantee that it free from any encumbrances and suits)
  • Has he acquired every statutory authorization
  • If there should be an occurrence of a prepared property - i.e. recently developed or a resale property, has a general public being shaped
  • Is the manufacturer recorded or perceived by the lodging fund organization (on the off chance that on the off chance that you need to benefit a home credit office) 

Additionally keep a mind your moderateness while you are investigating a property. One must evaluate the accessible alternatives on some foreordained parameters given beneath, yet shouldn't confine to these…


Time slack for getting the ownership (if there should arise an occurrence of on-going development)

Age of the property (if there should arise an occurrence of as of now developed properties)

Nature of Construction

Support cost

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